Hi, I am Graham Carter.  I am a 14 year old entrepreneur and this is my website for Graham’s Board where I sell handmade tablet stands, cutting boards, and bee traps.  I was born and raised in Milford CT, near the town green.  My father is a woodworker and the founder of the Westmount Group in West Haven, CT.  
Here is his website: www.westmount group.com
My father has taught me everything I know about woodworking.  As long as I can remember I have been hanging out with my father in his shop working on projects.
Graham’s Boards started one day in 2009 when my dad and I were eating  lunch at Casius in New Haven. Our sandwiches were served on beat up old boards. I sarcastically mentioned to the owner Jason Sabi that I could do a better job making the boards. Little did I know that he was the owner, or that he would put me to the challenge. That was when I was only 9 and it was the start of this little business. Since that time I have made numerous orders for the restaurant and their cheese store. In 2012 I sold my boards on a monthly basis at the Milford Farmer’s market. 

Well, that was then...Now,  I am in college and looking to continue this work to help fund my education as well as to continue my passion of working with my hands. I look forward to expanding our product line and our online presence. Thanks for visiting!
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